Summer Flowers

2017-04-26 01:39:56 nstyle

It’s all about florals this summer and I’m here for it! It’s so funny when I hear myself say that. I remember despising flowers on clothes; let alone wearing it.

I was so happy when I stumbled across this super cute flower dress at GITI online.  GITI has become my new favorite store. They always seem to have cute plus size pieces, at an affordable price.  Florals are great for camouflaging those not so flattering areas; all while complimenting your silhouette. While this isn’t my first floral piece, it’s by far my favorite.  The colors and boldness screams summer fun. How could I pass it up!

Be sure to add florals to your wardrobe this summer. It will make the perfect outfit for those signature events and romantic weddings you attend this summer. Remember, be careful when selecting florals. Bold prints can become an epic fail if not worn correctly.  Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to add new designs to your closet and new colors.  The sight of flowers is guaranteed to lightening up your summer.

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Spring, Is That You?

2017-03-23 15:59:35 nstyle

With the constant change in weather, I really don’t know if I should shout about spring finally being here or just hold off for a few more weeks. March has always been a tricky month when it comes to the weather but this year has been unusually different.  I made it back to Atlanta from NY just in time before the snow storm hit last Tuesday. Atlanta weather is even more confusing because one minute it is hot and the next minute it’s cold. This is really driving me INSANE!!

This spring, I decided to keep it simple. Before I go packing away my winter clothes, I left a few of my longline cardigans out. You know the dusters that you can practically pair with anything? This has been my go to with the changing weather. They are warm enough for the cool days, and cool enough for the warm days.  I love how lightweight they are and go perfect with bodycon dresses.  I did a post about dusters last year, and am not surprise that they are still a fashion essential this year.  In the picture below, I am rocking a cream colored duster that I purchased from Forever 21.  I literally have them in all colors. Don’t judge me!

So, before you go throwing your winter clothes to the back of the closet; you might want to hold off. Find that piece that can protect you from this changing weather.  For me it’s a duster, but for you it could be that bomber jacket that you love so much or even your favorite joggers.  Whatever it is, don’t get caught out there unprepared.  Trust me; we will have plenty of time to show some skin. True fashionista’s can adapt to changing seasons and I know that to be true.  This weather has been very tricky and still has me questioning, “spring, it that you?”


-Latoya Heyward / @SheThoro

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2016-11-05 19:34:42 nstyle

My absolute favorite things to wear are jackets.  I can’t get enough of this flower bomber that I scored for $30 bucks.  Bomber jackets have made its way back as a fall must have.  With the changing weather, bomber jackets are perfect and serve as a lightweight coat that’s not only stylish but warm. It can practically be worn with anything; dressed up or down.  I decided to pair mines with a skater skirt and some jeans for a simpler look.  I wanted the bomber jacket to stand out.  The flower accent throughout the jacket screams sexy and fun!


Remember to incorporate pieces that stand out to your wardrobe this fall.  If you looking for the perfect jacket that will make you feel BOMB; pick up your bomber jacket today.  Thank me later.

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Cut It

2016-11-03 13:28:03 nstyle

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for the temperature to drop so I can dive into my fall wardrobe.  The weather in Atlanta has been in the high 80’s and it’s making it challenging for me to rock my cute sweaters and coats.  Nonetheless, I’m always prepared and figured I’ll take advantage of the weather and show a little skin.


The cut out shoulder trend has been a hit this fall.  From dresses to sweaters, this chic look has been on runways everywhere.  Initially I thought my shoulders would be a little too broad for the look. After trying it on, I instantly feel in love with it.  It screams sexy, while being bossy all at the same time.  I decided to pair my dress with some open toe sandals and my new Gucci bag.  Off course I had to have the matching fuzzy ball to match the dress. Simple!


For all my fall lovers out there, don’t let this weather frustrate you.  Instead, find a simple look that will make you feel sexy and confident.  Burgundy is also the color for the season, so don’t forget to grab a few pieces for your wardrobe. Let us prepare to bring in the holidays N’STYLE; being mediocre will not cut it! 


Shop more cut out looks at:

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Fall Faux

2016-11-03 13:25:39 nstyle

While some of you are out trick or treating with the kiddies or dressing up in your creative costumes, I decided to sit out on Halloween festivities this year to reflect and recreate some looks that; well can be a bit scary for some.  I receive a ton of emails from my curvy women who are simply afraid of faux material.  While it can be tricky, if worn properly it can turn into one of your most favorite materials to wear this fall.


Faux leather is simply a synthetic material that gives the illusion of real leather.  I love it because it is very lightweight and perfect for fall weather.  I’m a fan of anything comfortable, and while leggings are in my top five favorite things to wear, it can get a bit boring.  Faux leggings are perfect for taking things up a notch and creating a more elegant look.  I paired mines with a pipa tie neck blouse and some booties. This look was super easy and perfect for a holiday party or a night out on the town. 


Never be scared to experiment with different fabrics and materials. You can always play it safe with the color black to camouflage any imperfections if the material is clingy.  Faux leather is the best alternative if you are looking for that edgy chic look this season.  


Don’t be spooked; Stay cute!

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Fall In Love

2016-09-04 19:03:24 nstyle

As we transition into the fall, I reflect on some of my memorable pieces from the summer.  This year has been whimsical thus far, and I am looking forward to what the fall has to bring.  If you’re an avid reader of my blog, then you would know we are entering my most favorite time of the year.  Let us fall in love this season with some of this season hottest pieces and transition effortlessly into the FALL.


I can’t begin to express my love for the cooler weather.  Being reared in New York, I appreciate layers and darker colors.  I had to bring olive back this fall as an essential color for your fall wardrobe.  Olive for me serves as black; it accentuates you and gives a slimmer effect. I am modeling my olive denims from Fashion To Figure denim collection.  These jeans are not only comfortable, but very slimming.  I paired it with a white blouse also by FTF with accented gold buttons.  You’ve seen this blouse before earlier this summer when I blogged about their all white collection.  The cool thing about fall is that you can transition some of your summer pieces, and pair it with fall essentials.  This will not only save you a ton of money, but also give a fresh new look.  I truly believe in being resourceful; utilizing clothes that I already have and playing mix match with new pieces. 


Let us fall into the new season with love.  Love for ourselves most importantly.  Remember that some of your summer favorites make for perfect transitional pieces. Add fall colors into rotation like olive, and you will be on your way to a wonderful season.  LOVE!

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Phoenyx Reign

2016-08-16 12:28:52 nstyle

IMG_8553My photo shoot would not have been possible without celebrity designer and seamstress Phoenyx Reign.  I had the pleasure of modeling one of her fabulous pieces and could not be more satisfied.  Designing is just one of the many hats she wears.  Phoenyx is an Apparel Sewing Instructor, Editor for Luxe Kurves Magazine, and Chief Executive Officer for 630 Convention & Event Center here in Atlanta.  When I reached out to Phoenyx to be fitted for some of her pieces, I instantly fell in love with her personality.  Her love for fashion and color is written all over her.  With her bright red locs, her style is impeccable.  She too is a curvy girl and understands the struggles we face on finding clothes that are fashionable and sexy to fit our body types.  So she decided to change the game and “Return the days when fashion and fit were married.” ~ Phoenyx


Her custom pieces are simply a reflection of her bold and free spirited attitude. The colors, the flow; are a designers dream. The two piece design that I’m modeling is a chiffon high low skirt with a reversible crop top.  It was super comfortable and cool; perfect for the hot weather.  What I love most about her designs is that it’s adjustable and can fit all body types.  Check out some of her custom pieces HERE and book her for your next event! #SheThoro

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Meet Brandee J

2016-07-31 23:59:03 nstyle

IMG_8121My weekend was filled with so much fun and excitement. I was nonstop doing interviews and attending events. Nstyle Atlanta had the opportunity to attend a private media event hosted by Luxe Kurves.  This event featured fashionista Brandee “Kurvy J’ and her business partner Phoenyx Reign, celebrity stylist and womanpreneur. This event was at the new 630 Event Center downtown Atlanta.  The event space was filled with other notable designers, artist, and media outlets; introducing us to what they called, “Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret.”

FullSizeRenderThis event space will host an array of events; from fashion shows, to networking events. The evening was filled with laughter and entertainment. We mingled over cocktails and hour d’oeuvres; all while networking with some of Atlanta’s hottest musicians and designers. Check out 630 Event Center on instagram for more exciting information and event dates.

Check out SheThoro.Com Creator Latoya Heyward interviews Brandee “Kurvy” J, Creator of Luxe Kurves Magazine. Check it out HERE!

About Brandee J

In 2015 Brandee J did the unthinkable, not only did she start the first ever plus size fashion week during New York Fashion Week titled “NYFW Plus,” she also took the knowledge she gained from the plus size industry and launched the very first upscale luxury publication for plus size women “Luxe Kurves Magazine” (

Brandee is a dynamic multi-media personality and the new voice of the plus size industry! She also stars in her own online talk show, Brandee J and Kristy Talk Show (Formerly known as The Real Women Talk Show). (

In 2016 Brandee J continues to make moves by not only putting on “Luxe Kurves Fashion Night Los Angeles” which took place on May 21st but she also decided to move her company to Atlanta, GA and will be hosting a number of signature events!

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The Blues

2016-07-22 00:45:42 nstyle

I have “The Blues.” No, really I do!  Not ‘The Blues” you may be thinking of, but the new meaning of blue.  The color blue has a way of bringing a calming effect on me. It’s a color that somehow restores a sense of ease when I’m not feeling my very best. More specifically then the color, fashion has that effect on me as well.  Often times when we are feeling “blue,” we have a tendency to dress that way.  We have no desire to get dress or look the part.  But why is that?


IMG_7456I surveyed six of my friends; both male and females who felt the exact same way.  Chances of them getting dressed up after a breakup or an argument with a close friend were very slim.  The energy that we should of been putting into ourselves, we lost by putting it into someone else. We’re all guilty of it.  I’ve experienced a few break ups in the past, and each one brought out different emotions.  One thing I’ve learned from them was to never look how you feel.  So what if someone doesn’t like you anymore or a friend is mad at you.  Why should you result to looking vulnerable?  When we “feel blue,” instead of looking “blue,” it only brings more discomfort.  So, I have an idea!


The next time you find yourself sad or going through some troubling waters; get dressed up!  As hard as that may seem; as draining as that may be, you will feel so much better.  The thought of losing someone you loved or that regrettable reaction we feel when a friend is mad at us, only worsen when you look that way.  Instead, throw only the perfect little “blue” dress with some simple heels. You will be surprise by the newness that it will bring and the void that it will fill.  Do you have “The Blues?”

If you are sad, if you are heartbroken, make yourself up, dress up, add more lipstick and ATTACK!” ~CoCo Chanel

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Modern Women Street Style

2016-06-03 22:11:41 nstyle

As I get closer to my one year blog anniversary on the 24th of this month, I reflect back to where it all started.  Last year this time I experienced some challenging moments in my life.  It suddenly clicked that I deserved and needed better so I made a few changes.  Not just for me, but for an amazing two year old by the name of Marlei. Your children have a way of creating binary lenses for you that ignites super powers.  I find myself doing things that I never thought I could do; breaking barriers that I never even knew existed. That is what depicts the modern women; a true Thoroughbred that can take some of life toughest situations and turn them into new opportunities.


My first post that I ever wrote, I gave the definition of a Thoroughbred and what it stood for.  Here I am, a year later talking about the same thing.  Why?  Well, the answer is simple.  This is who I am and this is the message that I want to spread; women should be BOLD and FEARLESS.  How do we do that Toya? Well, that’s simple too; YOU JUST DO.  Don’t be fooled by the propaganda, the hype on social media, or these philanthropists that seem to have all the answers on how to be this self confident person.  There’s no book in this world that can give you confidence or ways of being bold and fearless.  It literally has to come from within; and God of course.  I laughed when I hear of these quick fixes people try to sell or people who offer advice on healing.  I say that because it’s something that takes time and everyone move at a different pace in life.  It literally took for me to realize my own self worth, on my own time, in my own space.

As women of the 21st century, we fill many shoes.  When we think about the theory of evolution, women today are stronger than ever.  The MODERN women aren’t just housewives anymore.  The MODERN women are hustling harder than men now a day.  How many men you know work a nine to five, pursue their passion after the nine to five, take care of a child/children, go home and cook, workout to keep their body looking somewhat in shape, and wear heels and a smile while doing it.  Yeah I didn’t think so.  The Modern women is more than strong, but damn there HEROIC! You know having characteristics of a hero; somewhat like an Iron Man.


Today as Modern women, I celebrate you!  Let us get away from society nonsensical rules and expectations and continue to be women with a purpose.  Modern women are women who embody grace and confidence; hustle and strength. I titled this post “Modern Women: Street Style” because that is what we are.  We are in these streets, putting in long hours to create better opportunities for our families.  Isn’t that what street hustlers do. So let’s continue to be above average, never settling.  Let’s continue to dream big in our already fast paced roles and look good doing it.  Not because it is easy, but because it is a must.  Modern women today are setting new trends, and creating a different type of society.  Will you join me?

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2016-05-20 17:40:26 nstyle

What is modern? Webster defines it as something relating to present or recent times.  When I read that I chuckled a little. I constantly think about how far we have come; not just as plus size women but WOMEN period.  I love how fashion has evolved and how designers are using words to make statement pieces with their clothes. It’s all over the place now; from graphic shirts with positive words on them; to now a dress. How cool is that!  


This MODERN dress is very special to me. I purchased it here at forever21.  Aside from its fit, I love how this dress makes me feel.  You know the saying, “There’s power in words.”  I don’t know exactly who quoted it that way but you get my drift.  The words we write and speak to others can leave a major impact on someone life.  In this case, it’s the same thing.  Words we see on clothes, weather good or bad, can have a lasting memory on someone.  So why not start positively wearing your words; and watch how it makes you feel.


I have to tell you, this shoot with my amazing photographer Richard was super special to me. Everyone who personally knows me, know I love to laugh and live life to the fullest.  When I think about the word “Modern,” I pondered for a minute and asked myself what that word meant to me.  Modern to me, much how Webster described it is something relating to the present. When I take that and apply it to what I am presently doing; plus size fashion is just that.  The industry has evolved and has gone further than I could have ever imagine fifteen years ago.  With better styles, trendier selections, and more options, plus size fashion is the new “Modern.” Modern to me is being fearless and breaking barriers.  Modern to me is taking objections of the past and turning them into present opportunities.  Modern for me, well it’s turning a negative into a positive.  Because this is not just about skinny or fat, black or white, but “Modern” today, is about who you are, and what you want to be known for.  So, tell me, what do “Modern” mean to you?

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2016-04-29 21:42:23 nstyle

Spring or summer, winter or fall; this year-round favorite has never let me down.  What am I talking about? Jumpsuits of course!  I have recreated this look for the past year; pairing it with heels, sneakers, and boots.  Jumpsuits have proven to be a piece that not only our fashionable skinny partners can wear; but curvy girls can to.  Better known as the “onsie”, this look has taken over the full figured community and is here to stay.


FullSizeRenderJumpsuits are simply an alternative to a romper (view previous post).  This versatile look can be layered with accessories and paired with practically anything.  Last week, I attended the SP16 Luxe Fashion show here in Atlanta.  I rocked my all black onsie, and paired it with my trench vest to give it a more sophisticated look. I added a splash of color by pairing it with my fuchsia pink heels.  


Jumpsuits are super easy to style.  To all my curvy girls out there who are reluctant to wear the classic piece because of your size; get rid of that fear.  Jackets and vest are great for layering your onsie, especially if you’re looking to camouflage your midsection.  Embrace your size and don’t be afraid to try different looks. Email us here at and send us some pictures on how you styled your “onsie”.  We would love to hear from you.  Looking for some new jumpsuits to add to your collection, check out plus size designer, MONIFC and her latest styles.

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Romp Through The City

2016-04-15 18:39:58 nstyle

Don’t forget to “romp” through the city this spring without your romper.  Rompers have made its way back! I did a blog post last year about jumpsuits and how addicted I became with them because of its comfort.  They are perfect for a day in the park, or your upcoming festivals. While shorts aren’t my favorite thing to wear, rompers are a little different.  Most plus size women shy away from shorts because they are uncomfortable and if you have big legs like me, they tend to rise.  Rompers are a little better in comfort, and it doesn’t tend to rise as much; camouflaging your midsection as well.

IMG_3072Rompers are a great option for you to play in. I purchased mines from Old Navy when they first launched their spring collection. They come in both longer and shorter hemlines. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, simply pair it with some heels and accessorize.  The perfect romper can go a long way. Click the link below for a few of my picks. Remember to floss those legs this spring and romp through the city PROUD!


Fashion To Figure

Old Navy

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2016-04-08 15:44:47 nstyle

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your spring collection. Black has literally taking over my closet; but adding the popular ankle length shirt lit up my wardrobe. Neon colors have been my all time favorite. It screams BOLD and PLAYFUL! What better way to mix it up this spring then pairing it with a classic pair of denim jeans.

Pantone released their top ten colors for 2016, introducing unisex colors to their palette. The colors are part of a semi-annual color report for the fashion industry; compiled by color experts around the world. Green flash and ButterIMG_8287cup are amongst the ten colors that transcends excitement. Not only are the colors unique to the season, but radiant and bright. I toned my look down by pairing it with jeans that I purchased from Old Navy. They are super comfy and hug my body better than any man could; accentuating my curves almost perfectly. Remember to have fun this spring! There’s no rule book or law that says you have to wait until summer to wear color. Breakthrough this spring with vivid brights, and watch how it transform your life.

-Latoya Heyward,

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Flower Power

2016-04-01 21:50:22 nstyle

N’Style recently launched their “Curvy Style” section catering to curvy women. Here, you will find the latest in fashion and tips on properly dressing your body type. Spring is finally here, so what better way to kick things off than to deliver flowers to you guys.

Flower prints are a must have this spring! While this look has made its way down the red carpet this year on some of the hottest celebrities, it remains one of the trickiest patterns for curvy women. Flowers, if not worn properly, can make you appear larger. One of the most important style tips for curvy women is to know your body type. It’s important to choose clothes that balance out your silhouette. Be mindful of the size of the pattern and prints that you choose. In my first look, I simply paired my flower blazer with a royal blue cami to bring out the subtle blue in the blazer. I decided to go with one of my favorite white skinny jeans that I purchased from Ross last summer. Paired with some cute sandals, this look will have you ready for every occasion.

My next look is my absolute fav. I scored this flower dress from Ross and have been in love ever sense. It’s super comfy and versatile. It can be paired with heels or flats. The flowers in the dress are a little big, so I opted for a more fitted dress to emphasize my curves.


Ladies, don’t be afraid to wear outfits that are figure hugging, as long as it is done tastefully. This spring, stay away from gaudy and dull. Be bright and vibrant! If ever in doubt, check out Curve Style every week as we deliver the latest trends and style tips for the “curvylicious.” Remember, size is just a number. Follow your inner style, and make a statement in whatever you wear!

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image1My name is Latoya Heyward, plus size advocate behind; a life and style blog for women. Reared in Queens, New York, fashion has always been a part of me. One of my biggest influences being my older sister who currently resides in Brooklyn. Back in the earlier 90’s, I loved watching her rock her shearling coat and her bamboo earrings. I always looked up to her for being able to dress so well despite her size. As a plus size girl myself, finding clothes that fit my body type became an obsession. I would always get asked what I was wearing or where I purchased it from, so I figured I’ll start a blog to share the details of my outfits and where to find them. In less than a year, I’ve been able to reach over ten thousand people through my blog. When I’m not blogging, I am a full time banker; assisting people with major life decisions like buying a house, saving for their kids’ future, or helping someone new to the country establish credit. My passion will and has always been helping people in some shape or fashion (get it). Whether it is what blazer to fit your size 18 body or how much interest you’ll earn on a thousand dollars; my common goal is to touch every soul.