Meet Jarvis Mays

2018-01-15 16:40:44 nstyle

Father, Songwriter, and Singer, Jarvis J Mays hit the music scene at a very young age with his ability to hold a note and his charming personality. Jarvis prides himself on not only being a singer, but holding many titles in this competitive industry. With a new reality show on the horizon, “TheAmaySing Twins,” starring him and his twin brother, Jarvis  sat down with N’Style Atlanta to discuss all things music, some of his musical influences, and what we can expect from him this year.

Check out the interview HERE!

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Sound Selecta: DJ RootsQueen

2017-08-09 02:52:57 nstyle

Resident DJ at Onyx nightclub and the official DJ for celebrity beat maker Zaytoven, DJ RootsQueen has blossomed into one for the most influential female DJs in Atlanta. She made a name for herself by spinning the hottest night clubs, exclusive events, and DJ to the stars for over a decade. With no plans on slowing down, she sat down with N’Style Atlanta to discuss some of her upcoming projects, industry misconceptions, and why she’s not afraid to “mix” it up in this male dominating industry.


Check out part 1 of DJ RootsQueen’s interview with Latoya Heyward HERE!

Check out part 2 of DJ RootsQueen’s interview with Latoya Heyward HERE!

Photo Credit: Michael D Images

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RCAI Presents Le’Andria Live

2017-07-21 17:25:22 nstyle
(ATLANTA, GA) – July 21, 2017 – RCA Inspiration presented a night of live music, food and fellowship in celebration of GRAMMY® and Stellar Award-winning Le’Andria’s new album, “Bigger Than Me.” Atlanta VIP’s gathered to celebrate the release of “Bigger Than Me” at The Gathering Spot. VIP’s in attendance included: Y’Anna Crawley (BET “Sunday Best”), Amber Bullock (BET “Sunday Best”), Zebulon Ellis (BET “Sunday Best”), Damita1K PhewKrystal Lee (“Willie Moore Jr. Show”) and more.
“Bigger Than Me” album executive producers Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly gave opening remarks and conducted a Q&A about working with Le’Andria. RCAI Marketing Manager, Gabby Jones, gave welcome remarks and encouraged attendees to post on social media using the hashtag #LeAndriaLive and #BiggerThanMe. Following opening remarks, RCAI unveiled the new visual for Le’Andria current single “All I Got;” followed by a live concert by Le’Andria performing songs from her new album.
Le’Andria’s new album, “Bigger Than Me” is available in stores and online now.
# # #
Photo Credit: James Pray for RCA Inspiration
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Trick Daddy: Legend of Southern Hip Hop

2017-07-21 17:09:58 nstyle

Legend of Southern Hip Hop

Last week Latoya Heyward and other media outlets interviewed Maurice Young; better known as Trick Daddy to discuss his upcoming performance at the Legends of Hip Hop concert here in Atlanta. Being inspired to focus on his music career after the death of his brother; Trick Daddy took his life experiences and channeled it into his music.  After releasing his single “Nann Nigga” in 1998, Trick Daddy hit the billboard charts to later become one of the most influential artists in southern hip hop. Trick Daddy has always been transparent about his street life and troubled upbringing, and continues to speak his truth in the life of others.  Check out what he had to say about the current state of hip hop, his current projects, and life as he knows it.

Media: Hey Trick, welcome to the call.

Trick: Thank you for having me. I’m just here doing a little cooking and shit (laughing).

Media: How does it feel to be considered a southern hip hop legend; twenty years later?

Trick: It feel real good. I’ve had a wonderful time. You know all I ever tried to do is keep it real. That was the easy part. Things rappers are rapping about now, I been rapping about back that; but no one was paying attention. When I did “Thug Holiday”, no one understood it. Now the internet controls everything, but it’s good to know my music is still appreciated.

Media: Speaking of real, you had a lot of people mad about a comment you made about black women on your Instagram page. Will you like to speak on that and do you feel you owe the people an apology?

Trick: In retrospect to Instagram and black women, I don’t have to apologize to black women.  Women are altering their bodies.  Back when I was coming up, women aspired to be teachers, doctors, and lawyers. Everyone wants to be Instagram famous with these fake butts and hair all of a sudden.  Now you have these fast little girls who are turning into slow women. What I said I don’t take back!

Media: Well, thanks for clearing that up for us.

Media: So I hear you have an upcoming album with Trina called TNT (Trick and Tina). Is that true?

Trick: Yes, Trina and I are back at it again. She is trying to calm it down this time and get away from her “baddest bitch” image, but I told her she has to own that. She will always be known as the “baddest bitch.” So yes we have been working to put this album out.

Latoya: You’ve always been known to give back to the community. Are you still doing back to school drives for the kids of Miami?

Trick: Yes, I still give back. Trick love the kids. I’m also working on my new restaurant call TD Delicious. I want to establish a restaurant where you can go and eat country delicacies.  These are things that people aren’t doing in restaurants. We will serve things like cunt fritters and turkey bites.  We will have things like the “po man” meal where you can get a drink and a sandwich for just $3.  This restaurant will be located in South Florida. I’m excited about it.

Latoya: Sounds delicious if I must say myself. How do you manage to do all of these things?

Trick: I’m still getting checks from platinum records and songs that are in movies. You have to keep grinding. I do it for the people. It’s all about shows for these new dudes. Back then, we left the shows with more fans. My mom had 11 kids from 10 different men. So, for me I’ve always had that hustle in me.

Latoya: Who are some of your favorite rappers today?

Trick: My new favorite rapper is Tee Grizzley and the Migos.

Latoya: What direction do you see hip hop going in the next 10 years?

Trick: I’m really scared! If hip hop died, would the legacy go with it? No one is trying to secure hip hop. Everyone is doing things for their own personal reason.  Some things just don’t go together.

Stay tuned for more from Trick Daddy. Be sure to see him at the Legends of Southern Hip Hop concert at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater on July 29th. The show will be featuring Scarface, 8 Ball & MJG, Bun B, Mystikal, Juvenile, and Pastor Troy.  You don’t want to miss it!


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N'Style Atlanta Presents... July

2017-07-20 04:02:03 nstyle

N’Style Atlanta presented the first edition of “N’Style Atlanta Presents” at the sultry City Winery Atlanta featuring emerging artist Karis Love, Marenikae, Rick Star, and headliner Dondria Nicole, whom debuted her new EP “The Day Of The Don”.

Hosted by N’Style Atlanta Corespondents Skye Smith, Jett Blakk,  and Latoya Heyward, guest were presented with a full dinner menu, bourbon tastings provided by J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey and photo booth fun provided by Peek-A-Booth. The music for the evening was provided by DJ Roots Queen. Watch video recap here

Red carpet guest included So So Def founder and Super Producer Jermaine Dupri, who discovered Dondria Nicole aka Phatfffat on Myspace, veteran songwriter/producer Bryan Michael Cox,  DJ Blak (Streetz 94.5 Atl), LaKenya Morris (Bravo TV), Terrance Terry (Celebrity Nail Stylist), Felipe G (Celebrity Stylist), Monei Sutton (World Star Hit Radio) and Dr. Ron (The Doctors).

Photos provided by Michael D. Images

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2017-07-18 16:36:18 nstyle

DETROIT (Annapurna Pictures)

Release Date: Friday, August 4, 2017 (Wide)

Rating: Rated R for strong violence and pervasive language

Running Time: 142 Minutes

Directed by: Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty”)

Cast: Will Poulter, Laz Alonso, John Boyega, Algee Smith, Anthony Mackie, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell, Leon Thomas III, Peyton ‘Alex’ Smith Trailer & Official Site: Social: @detroitmovie (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

Publicity Materials: www.EPK.TV Synopsis: From the Academy Award winning director of THE HURT LOCKER and ZERO DARK THIRTY, DETROIT tells the gripping story of one of the most terrifying moments during the civil unrest that rocked Detroit in the summer of ’67.

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LVRN Records and Creative Studio Space Launch

2017-07-12 15:59:08 nstyle
Love Renaissance and Interscope Records Launches LVRN Records and Creative Studio Space in Atlanta
The city of Atlanta celebrated creative collective, Love Renaissance and Interscope Records in the official launch of LVRN Records & Studios. The invite-only celebration honored LVRN’s commitment to serve and support Atlanta’s creative talent and presented award plaques recognizing label artists 6LACK and Grammy-nominated DRAM.
Guests experienced an open tour of the creative space, enjoyed passed food-by-the-bite and complimentary cocktails courtesy of Deleon Tequila.
“This launch is another example of the power and influence of Atlanta’s youth in the industry and culture. This studio and creative space belongs to the rest of the city as much as it does us,” says Sean Famoso, co-founder of LVRN. “We want to make sure this place serves as a reminder nobody should have to travel across country to Los Angeles or New York to get started on their dream.”
LVRN Background
Founded in 2012 as a creative collective, Love Renaissance has grown to a full service agency, talent management company and most recently a record label joining forces with Interscope records on a new venture, LVRN Records.
Special Thanks To
Choose ATL
Deleon Tequila
Interscope Records
Join the Conversation
@LVRNgram | #KidsAgainstCubicles
Photo Credit:
Van Nguyen
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2017-07-05 16:30:54 nstyle

I couldn’t be happier to interview Barbadian songwriter and artist Adaeze, and catch up on some of her latest projects.  With a new hit single “Down,” Dae is consistently reaching new heights and taking her musical talents to another level. Often referred to as the “Barbadian Tracy Chapman,” Adaeze has taking the stories of her struggles and turned them into some of her most vulnerable hits.  Each song is an open letter that is written to motivate and bring an infectious sound to your ears. Her love for music and desire to capture souls is definitely an indication that she’s here to stay.

Latoya: I really appreciate you doing this interview. I had an opportunity to listen to your song, “Down” and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. Tell me, how would you describe your music?

Adaeze:  Thank You! I started off doing spoken word, so my musical style is a little different. If I had to describe my music, I will say it’s a little like Caribbean hip hop.

Latoya:  You have such an interesting name, “Adaeze.” How did you come up with that name?

Adaeze: I was looking for a name and started googling African names.  I saw that the name, “Adaeze” meant “A kings daughter,” so I went with that.

Latoya: So tell me, who are some of your musical influences?

Adaeze: One of my favorite artists is Machel Montano. He’s one of the biggest Soca artists out right now. But I grew up listening to Lauryn Hill and Tupac. Tupac is actually the reason I started making music. I was so moved by the messages in his songs. It inspired me to be more of a creative songwriter and artist. One of my favorite new artists out right now is Chance the Rapper.  I love that he not only makes good music, but stand for a cause and give back to his community. As artists, I think that it’s so important that we give back.  In 2015, I founded DaeDream Foundation which raises awareness about depression.

Latoya: That was actually my next question. I know you have a movement called Face Depression. Why was this movement so important to you and how do you resonate with it?

Adaeze: I felt like issues of mental health weren’t discussed openly. After being diagnosed with Bi-Polar and depression, I experienced so much. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. Instead of allowing this to take over me, I wanted to share it with the world. I wanted other people who were dealing with similar issues to be able to face their sickness and issues; instead of running from them.  That’s basically how the movement Face Depression started.

Latoya: I commend you and your efforts to spread awareness on an issue that is really plaguing this generation. Speaking of pressure, do you find the need to measure up to the success of Rhianna being that you guys are from the same hometown?

Adaeze:  I wouldn’t say I feel pressured. It’s obvious that she’s an awesome performer/artist. I do think that my fellow Barbadian’s don’t support other local Barbadian artist as much as they do mainstream artist.  If anything, I wish we would support more local artist, but no I don’t feel pressured.

Latoya: If you could perform with any artist right now, who would it be?

Adaeze: Off course my favorite Machel Montano and I would love to collaborate with Chance the Rapper.

Latoya:  What would be your dream venue?

Adaeze:  That’s a good question. I’ve never been asked that question before. I really don’t have a dream venue. I do prefer smaller and intimate settings when I perform.

Latoya:  In closing, what do you want to be known for?

Adaeze: I just want to make good music; music that not only uplift, but implement change.

It was an absolute pleasure interviewing this musical genius.  Her sound definitely soothes the soul, and her energy is conveyed through her music.  Stay tuned for more from Adaeze!

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Toast to an EMPIRE

2017-06-20 14:33:19 nstyle

Celebrities, artists, music executives and influencers celebrated at EMPIRE’s “Toast To an Empire” private reception at Empire State South during Atlanta’s annual Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash weekend. The star-studded event, produced by Music Business Politics, honored EMPIRE CEO, Ghazi Shami and the talented roster of artists with special guests including Remy Ma, Fat Joe, B.o.B, D.R.A.M, Papoose, TI, Young Dro, Wonderland, St. Beauty and many more. Guests captured moments of the evening by the event photo booth and enjoyed complimentary cocktails courtesy of Courvoisier.

With the company and roster growing at a breakneck pace, EMPIRE has become one of the most successful independent music companies in today’s industry, distributing music to digital music providers and promoting singles to radio.

For more information on artists and upcoming music, visit

EMPIRE Background
EMPIRE was founded in 2010 as an artist-friendly, progressive digital distribution company. After early success, and identifying future icons such as Kendrick Lamar, Sage The Gemini, and Rich Homie Quan, EMPIRE was quickly regarded as a tastemaker in the industry and throughout the past five years evolved into a full-fledged record label, distributor and publisher for independent musicians. With the company and roster growing at a breakneck pace, EMPIRE has effectively disrupted a stale business model by bringing its energy, expertise, and acumen to its artists and labels.

Join the Conversation
@EMPIRE | #ToastToAnEmpire

Special Thanks To
Empire State South
Event Photocube
Music Business Politics

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New Music From Ray J and Chris Brown

2017-06-20 14:01:43 nstyle

New music from Ray J and Chris Brown

Check out photos from Ray J’s visit to Neiman Marcus Lenox Mall (Atlanta) this past weekend alongside Karen Civil, Marlo Hampton and more launching the Raytronik’s® custom MCM Scoot-E-Bike®.

Download Mixtape:

(Pictured w/ Raytronik’s® custom MCM Scoot-E-Bike®)
(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/

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B.o.B. Silent Listening Party

2017-05-17 01:54:51 nstyle
B.o.B. Premieres Latest Album,
ETHER, with Silent Listening Experience in Atlanta
Celebrities, artists, music executives and influencers attended an interactive silent listening experience for an exclusive preview of B.o.B’s newly release album, ETHER at the eclectic Studio No. 7 in Atlanta. ETHER is B.o.B’s first independent release and latest major project in four years featuring hip-hop’s biggest names including Lil Wayne, Big Krit, Young Dro, Ty Dolla $ign, WurlD, Cee Lo, Young Thug and Usher. Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails and food by the bite prepared by Celebrity Chef, Kardea Brown as they were immersed into the ETHER  world experience through individual wireless headphones courtesy of Silent Events. Listeners previewed the entire 12-track album accompanied with live moderation and remarks from B.o.B.
ETHER  is now available on all streaming services and available for purchase in the iTunes store. For more information, visit
Join the Conversation
@BoB | #SilentBoBParty | #ETHER
Photo Credit: Prince William / ATL Pics and Michael D. Photography


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Silkk The Shocker No Limit Return

2017-05-15 22:39:59 nstyle

Last week Latoya Heyward had the pleasure of interviewing one of hip hops most notable recording artist and business moguls, Silkk The Shocker.  After selling over 85 million records with No Limit Records, it comes as no surprise that Silkk is still making power moves. He is back and has been killing the airways with his latest project “IWAMSL,” which stands for, “It will all make sense later.”  Silkk was very candid about his life now and his days with No Limit.  He spoke on his many life lessons and the struggles he currently face dealing with his brother C-Murder life sentence. Latoya said, “this by far was the most authentic person I’ve ever spoken to and here’s why”…

Latoya:  How do you feel about the industry today?

Silkk: Music lack creativity these days.  I like originality, so I appreciate people like the Migos who are pushing the culture.  I love their work ethic!

Latoya:  Who is one of your favorite artists?

Silkk: I will have to say Nas is my all-time favorite.

Media: Will there be a Sequel to the No Limit Movie?

Silkk:  We got so close a year and a half ago. These things take time, but the script is amazing.  I will say this project is at the top of the list.

Media: Do you think there will ever be a label like No Limit?

Silkk:  I would hope so!  There’s so much jealously in the business today, so it will be tough.  The world is not really supportive.  With No Limit, we were like a real family.  We market the label strategically that way so you had to pay attention to the entire team. The industry wasn’t that clustered either back then.  Now, it’s so many mixtapes and so many songs dropping. It will be tough.

Media:  What legacy do you feel No Limit left?

Silkk: We were one of the biggest independent labels ever.  We were real hustlers, who made our own money.  Let me say this: when you get good they will come get you.  I remember them trying to buy P out. When that didn’t work, they would try to come for an artist to pay them to stray away from the team.  We were that big and making a lot of money. My only goal was to save lives, make money, and make history. We did that!

Latoya: We know your brother C-Murder was sentenced to life for the shooting of a 16- year old teen at a nightclub.  How do you feel about his case and his sentence?

Silkk:  My opinion will always be bias, because that’s my brother.  There are a lot of things that’s questionable when it comes to his case; some I don’t agree with.  It’s a rough situation and I’m dealing with it day by day.

Silkk the Shocker is truly an inspiration and is really making a difference. With so many upcoming projects, he has no plans on slowing down.  He is working on a book that will serve as a guide on being successful in the music industry.  He has also developed a program that will combine his love for sports and education to help the youth.  You can also be on the lookout for the No Limit Reunion at the Essence Festival this summer.

“If you want to be something, you have to be in charge of your destiny.” ~Silkk The Shocker


Social Media: @SilkkTheShocker


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B.o.B. Releases ETHER

2017-05-13 17:15:52 nstyle

(Los Angeles, CA – May 12th, 2017) Following months of widespread excitement and anticipation, B.o.B releases his first independent full-length album, ETHER [No Genre / EMPIRE] today! It’s available HERE. As soon as it went live, the record soared to #1 on iTunes Top Hip-Hop/Rap Albums Chart and Top 10 on the Overall Top Albums Chart.

The six-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum Atlanta rapper, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and Grand Hustle artist dramatically ups the ante yet again. Following the powerhouse introductory smash “4 Lit” [feat. Ty Dolla $ign and T.I.], he shared the latest single “Xantastic” [feat. Young Thug] just last week. Like sonic anesthesia bringing together two of this generation’s “ATLiens,” the track immediately captivated press as The Fader praised it for being “super hypnotic and the perfect soundtrack for a late night drive.” Speaking of intergalactic anthems, “E.T.” [feat. Lil Wayne] sees B.o.B and Weezy blast off to a new galaxy altogether fueled by woozy rhymes and an irresistible hook. Then, there’s “Big Kids” [feat. Usher & Cee Lo Green], which makes for a blockbuster finale to his deepest and most dynamic offering yet. See the full tracklisting below.

This month, B.o.B heads overseas to launch his first-ever Navy USO Tour on May 20th. He’ll be performing for our service men and women deployed in UK, Italy and Germany, offering an unforgettable experience to say, “Thank you.” It’s a powerful moment for him.

About the USO performances, he says, “I can’t wait to perform for our Navy men and women. I want to do something real special for them and thank them for their service. It’s a privilege and an honor to do this.”

He also updates his upcoming “Elements” Tour, changing dates in select markets. Openers will include No Genre artists such as London Jae, Jaque Beatz, and Havi. See the final full confirmed tour itinerary below.

Dive into ETHER right now!

B.o.B’s 2010 debut B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray catapulted him to superstardom. Not only did the record capture #1 on the Billboard Top 200, but it also went RIAA double-platinum and spawned a string of multiplatinum smashes such as “Nothin’ On You” [feat. Bruno Mars], “Airplanes” [feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore & Eminem], and “Magic” [feat. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer].

His second studio album, 2012’s Strange Clouds landed in the Top 5 of the Billboard Top 200, earned a platinum plaque, and contained the multiplatinum hits “Strange Clouds” [feat. Lil Wayne], “Both Of Us” [feat. Taylor Swift], and “So Good” as well as a collaboration with Academy® Award winner Morgan Freeman entitled “Bombs Away.” Driven by singles such as “Headband” [feat. 2 Chainz] and “We Still In This Bitch” [feat. T.I. & Juicy J], 2013’s gold-certified Underground Luxury maintained this scorching momentum. Among other hits, “Don’t Let Me Fall” and “Bobby Ray Bands” also both reached gold status. Along the way, he became a powerful stage presence, performing with the likes of Eminem and Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars, and more.

Thur — 6/8/17 — Jacksonville, NC — Hooligans Music Hall
Fri — 6/9/17 — Philadelphia, PA — Kung Fu Necktie
Sat — 6/10/17 — Beckley, WV — Muncheez Live
Mon — 6/12/17 — New York City, NY — BB King’s
Wed — 6/14/17 — Cleveland, OH — House of Blues
Thur — 6/15/17 — Kalamazoo, MI — Wild Bull Saloon
Fri — 6/16/17 — Indianapolis, IN — The Vogue
Sun — 6/18/17 — Columbus, OH — Alrosa Villa
Wed — 6/21/17 — Traverse City, MI — Ground Zero
Fri — 6/23/17 — Minneapolis, MN — Lumber Exchange Event Center
Sat — 6/24/17 — Green Bay, WI — Sandlot Ent. Complex
Sun — 6/25/17 — Des Moines, IA — Val Air Ballroom
Mon — 6/26/17 — Kansas City, MO — Riot Room
Tue — 6/27/17 — Denver, CO — Roxy Theatre
Thur — 6/29/17 — Bozeman, MT — Mixers Saloon
Sat — 7/1/17 — Tacoma, WA — Cultura Event Center
Sun — 7/2/17 — Bellingham, WA — Wild Buffalo
Mon — 7/3/17 — Seattle, WA — Nectar Lounge
Tue — 7/4/17 — Vancouver, BC — Alexander Gastown
Thur — 7/6/17 — Bend, OR — Midtown Ballroom
Fri — 7/7/17 — Eugene, OR — HiFi Music Hall
Sat — 7/8/17 — Oakland, CA — Complex Oakland
Tue — 7/11/17 — Mesa, AZ — Club Red
Wed — 7/12/17 — San Felipe, NM — San Felipe Casino
Thur — 7/13/17 — Lubbock, TX — The Republic
Fri — 7/14/17 — Dallas, TX — Gas Monkey Live!
Wed — 7/19/17 — Austin, TX — Jump On It at Givens Park
Thur — 7/20/17 — Jackson, MS — Lucky’s
Fri — 7/21/17 — Pensacola, FL — Vinyl Hall
Sat — 7/22/17 — Miami, FL — Sidebar
Wed — 7/26/17 — Greensboro, NC — Greene Street Nightclub
Thur –7/27/17 — Myrtle Beach, SC –The Boat House

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Joseline Hernandez Birthday Bash

2017-04-24 12:44:31 nstyle

Love and Hip Hip Atlanta’s Puerto Rican Princess Jolene Hernandez and Baby Dady / Super Producer Stevie J. hosted a day party at The Gold Room in Atlanta, GA. Joseline debuted her new single “Baby Daddy” produced by Stevie J available for listen now and purchase on all digital music platforms.


Photo Credit: Michael Walker/UMeek Images

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Joseline Hernandez, Baby Daddy

2017-04-11 00:26:23 nstyle

New music from Joseline Hernandez titled, “Baby Daddy,” – produced by Stevie J. Please share and post! Thanks!



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