Freedom from Fibroid

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Esteemed female professionals recently convened for the official Premiere of the documentary Freedom from Fibroids, featuring Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey, Former TV Anchor and current Radio & TV host Monica Pearson, and John C. Lipman, MD, FSIR, Medical Director of the Atlanta Fibroid Center ( Guests enjoyed red carpet arrivals, an intimate reception with trumpeter Melvin M. Miller, catering by Akoma Events, special giveaways and a post-screening meet-and-greet with Cynthia Bailey. Atlanta Mayoral candidate Kwanza Hall and Atlanta City Council candidate Erika Y. Mitchell attended to support Fibroid Awareness as well.

The Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Millard J. Collier kept the show lively with his dynamic style. Peter Morrison, theatre manager and magician extraordinaire, provided production support for the event. Cast members in attendance included Wayne & Gwen Tyler, Constance Barnett, Carmen McKever, Cie Cie, Wilson-McGhee, Robie West and Lauren Hawkins. Presented by the Atlanta Fibroid Center and narrated by Monica Pearson, the documentary explored the journey of Cynthia Bailey and other patients that suffered with fibroids and did not want surgery. Surgery was the only option given to these women until they found Dr. Lipman and the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure.

As a community awareness effort, Dr. Lipman created the documentary to educate women on the non-surgical treatment for fibroids. UFE treats the symptoms of fibroids, for example, heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain and increased urinary frequency. UFE avoids all of the surgical risks and long recovery, and allows women to keep their uterus. Immediately following the screening, Dr. Lipman moderated a Q&A segment with the audience to further discuss fibroids and their treatment. Dr. Lipman began offering UFE as a fibroid treatment over 20 years ago. He is considered the world’s most experienced UFE physician, with over 6,000 procedures performed, and is well-known throughout the Georgia medical community for his work with fibroid sufferers and UFE.

Dr. Lipman is a respected UFE expert who is often called upon to provide commentary on uterine fibroids and UFE on major television networks. The global medical community recognizes his expertise and personalized care by referring him patients from throughout the US and abroad. To learn more about the Atlanta Fibroid Center, please visit Dr. Lipman at To view the documentary, please visit

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Freedom From Fibroids Featuring Cynthia Bailey

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Cynthia Bailey’s struggle with fibroids was explored during a previous season of Bravo TV’s RHOA for the world to see. She will soon host a documentary film premiere in Atlanta that features her story and that of other women that have become free from fibroids through the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure with Dr. John C. Lipman. Dr. Lipman created the Freedom From Fibroids documentary to educate women on the minimally invasive alternative that can save them from a hysterectomy.

Having performed the first UFE in Georgia, Dr. Lipman has since become the world’s most experienced UFE physician. He’s been featured on CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and was chosen as the National Physician Spokesperson for the Fibroid Awareness Campaign of supermodel Beverly Johnson. To learn more about the Atlanta Interventional Institute please visit or view Cynthia Bailey’s article about her experience with Dr. Lipman here.

Guests can register to attend the premiere at

Film Preview available at

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A.D. Dolphin aka DHerbs

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AD-photo-thumbnailHave you ever wondered what the heck is the difference between a detox or cleanse? Or you know you want to start being healthy but you just don’t know where you should turn or go? If you answered yes to either question, then you don’t want to miss the interview with A.D. Dolphin aka DHerbs. Learn more about how to be health below:

You are actually not from the doctors, herbalist, or medical backgrounds but you decided to go into this direction. What made you go into this lifestyle?

It actually snuck up on us and a project that got pushed along the table and it took over our lives. There was a product that actually helped my mother with her high blood pressure and helped some of my friends with diabetes, and it took over and became my lifestyle.

So you saw that the product that you used (Full Body Cleanse) is a product that tremendously helped your family and you wanted to share and spread the word based on the results you saw. Is that correct?

There it is–there you go!

So let’s segway–there’s a lot of body cleanses and misnomers about detoxing, body cleanses, diets, etc.

Well a lot of people associate coming off a detox as though you are coming off drugs, alcohol, that whole thing. Cleansing is sort of cleaning out your whole body, and as far as dieting it’s staying away from a particular thing that’s causing you harm as far as gaining weight.

Ok and the best thing for all of us to do is a cleanse–is that right?

Well I would say so because cleansing is more about you changing your lifestyle and not you changing it for a moment. It’s more of you making a full commitment to yourself. Because when you do the full body cleanse you’ll notice [first of all when you do the full cleanse you’re only allowed to eat fruits and vegetable, raw nuts and raw seeds thought the process and you can also juice during the time period. The thing that a lot of times people find it really, really, challenging, but the thing of it that make me challenge. What you will discover is that you are going to find so many things that you will actually enjoy. So those things now are going to be a part of your life. When I first started the cleanse 10 years ago I did smoothies in the morning and I always thought breakfast had to have eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes. And now I just have a smoothie with fresh fruit and that stuck with me.

So this is a completely different perspective on how we view meals. But there is a lot of culture that is involved with this change and I’m sure it’s difficult for a lot of people to change their lifestyles so what are some benefits of the change and staying healthy?

Disease period. 1 out of 4 African Americans have high blood pressure. Over 30 million Americans in general have diabetes. These are the motivating factors.

A.D. Dolphin, has a passion and interest in ensuring that people have a better understanding of their health. Instead of just talking about his passions, A.D. Dolphin has made it his mission to raise awareness within the community to help people realize the importance of their health. To learn more of the DHerbs visit his website at:

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Pink In December 2014

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Thursday December 15th, presenting sponsor and global hair care brand African Pride and April brought out the city’s elite and other agency supporters to take an active stand against breast cancer with the 5th annual Pink in December. With radio personality Darlene McCoy and popular journalist Satchel Jester on hosting duty, talented vocalists Anthony David, Miranda Nicole and Monica Lisa Stevenson sang their hearts out for the cause and local movers and shakers got their time to shine as their remarkable strides in their industries were celebrated during The Pink Awards. Among those honored were creator of the R&B Divas Atlanta Nicci Gilbert-Daniels (The Pink Game Changer), managing partner of Muddy Water Music Group Richard Dunn (The Pink Entrepreneur), philanthropist and founder of Beyond the Game, Chanita Foster; and Charlene Dance, global marketing director of Strength of Nature Global, LLC.

With a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales going to support the event’s philanthropic partner Sisters Network, Inc., special guests and mother-daughter survivor duo Sherrie Crenshaw and Tyronda Mackall were presented with a $1,000.00 check.



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