Marlon Wayans Press Dinner

Who said TV is not funny anymore? In a time where reality drama TV rules.. It’s quite refreshing to know that TV can be great again! I had the pleasure of attending a special media event for the premiere of “Marlon”, a new sitcom starring Marlon Wayans. For those of you who were lucky enough to have ever seen “In Living Color”,  this is where you received your first glimpse of a young Marlon Wayans as the DJ and the character,  Mr. Ugly Man! He went on to write and produce several spoofs of known movies such as “Scary Movie” and Scary Movie2″ as well as “Fifty Shades of Black”. Who could forget “White Chicks”, another movie written and produced by Wayans. Fast forward to 2017, enter in “Marlon”… destined to be a hit on NBC! I sat down with my 17 year old daughter who is a fan of Marlon Wayans. As we watched the specially selected episodes of the upcoming sitcom, she laughed and thought Marlon was quite funny. “Marlon” gives viewers a peak into the life of Marlon Wayne, a divorced father of two children, who still has a healthy relationship with his ex-wife. Every episode begins with Marlon looking into a camera and video blogging. Each day, Marlon finds himself in some crazy situation, which gets worked out at his ex wife’s house. You are probably saying ok an ex-wife and ex-husband working things out? Hanging out together on a daily basis in a somewhat civil manner? Does that exist? In Marlon’s world, it certainly does!  Marlon stated it was “Important to show how a father can still be fully involved in their kids lives” despite the situations that occur between the parents. In “Marlon”, Marlon is not only fully involved but creates situations that only a Wayans could! Not to give away any surprises,  but in one episode, his TV daughter’s, Marley (played by Notlim Taylor) first boy crush. Like any loving dad, Marlon is looking out for his baby girl. You can only imagine what lengths Marlon will go through to protect his daughter from the boy who also happens to be a football player who was hitting on Marlon’s ex-wife, Ashley (played by Essence Atkins). You will need to watch the episode for yourself to see how Marlon quickly gets himself in a situation, but by the time the show is over, everything has worked out perfectly and everyone is happy and all smiles! In fact every episode that I have watched brought a smile.. a giggle and laughter to my face. On camera Marlon is not only a talented actor, producer and director off camera, he is one down to earth guy who understands the importance of putting a smile on people’s faces. He is also a father of a teenage daughter and son. So you can guarantee some of his real life situations are wrapped up in his TV family somewhere! One of the questions that I was dying to ask Marlon, was how many takes did they have to do to get through one episode.  Marlon responded with “I like two takes, we laugh after the take. Comedy is better when it’s spontaneous.” Spontaneous  is the perfect word to describe Marlon. When asked how much of what we see is improv, Marlon said,  “Alot, we write a tight script and I am able to put me in the script anyway because I’m in the writer’s room.” Marlon is also one of the Executive Producers for the sitcom. “Some of the improv just happens”  “I know Breesha (Webb who plays Yvette) likes to play, I know Diallo (R
iddle, who plays Steve) is a writer, I know Essence, I’ve worked with her and she knows how to work with me. And the kids, when they’re on set, I’m always teaching them.” You can clearly feel the chemistry when you watch the Wayne family on the small screen. Before we ended for the evening,  I asked Marlon what would his ultimate dream project be and who would he want to work with. He told me that he wanted to do a “buddy action comedy” that he is starting to write.”I would love to work with Eddie Murphy in a reverse “48 Hours”, where I’m the crook and he’s the cop”. He went on to say he “would love to do a ‘White Chicks 2′ “, could you imagine that? If you haven’t seen “White Chicks”, please put that on your must see list for the weekend! “I would also like to do a great drama wth Denzel directing, that would be awesome.” No matter what project Marlon works on, it is sure to keep the audience laughing. Marlon ended with saying that he “was a late bloomer” and that his “best years are ahead of him”. I couldn’t agree more with Marlon. He is truly amazing and I appreciate the hard work that he employs just to make sure he puts a smile on each and every persons’ face. You can catch the season premiere of NBC’s “Marlon” on August 16th.


NBC’s MARLON Premieres on Wednesday, August 16th at 9/8c Official Website:

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @NBCMarlon Hashtag: #Marlon

NAKED, starring Marlon Wayans premieres on Netflix on Friday, August 11th!

*Photo Credit: Paras Griffin / Getty Images for NBC


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