Trick Daddy: Legend of Southern Hip Hop

Legend of Southern Hip Hop

Last week Latoya Heyward and other media outlets interviewed Maurice Young; better known as Trick Daddy to discuss his upcoming performance at the Legends of Hip Hop concert here in Atlanta. Being inspired to focus on his music career after the death of his brother; Trick Daddy took his life experiences and channeled it into his music.  After releasing his single “Nann Nigga” in 1998, Trick Daddy hit the billboard charts to later become one of the most influential artists in southern hip hop. Trick Daddy has always been transparent about his street life and troubled upbringing, and continues to speak his truth in the life of others.  Check out what he had to say about the current state of hip hop, his current projects, and life as he knows it.

Media: Hey Trick, welcome to the call.

Trick: Thank you for having me. I’m just here doing a little cooking and shit (laughing).

Media: How does it feel to be considered a southern hip hop legend; twenty years later?

Trick: It feel real good. I’ve had a wonderful time. You know all I ever tried to do is keep it real. That was the easy part. Things rappers are rapping about now, I been rapping about back that; but no one was paying attention. When I did “Thug Holiday”, no one understood it. Now the internet controls everything, but it’s good to know my music is still appreciated.

Media: Speaking of real, you had a lot of people mad about a comment you made about black women on your Instagram page. Will you like to speak on that and do you feel you owe the people an apology?

Trick: In retrospect to Instagram and black women, I don’t have to apologize to black women.  Women are altering their bodies.  Back when I was coming up, women aspired to be teachers, doctors, and lawyers. Everyone wants to be Instagram famous with these fake butts and hair all of a sudden.  Now you have these fast little girls who are turning into slow women. What I said I don’t take back!

Media: Well, thanks for clearing that up for us.

Media: So I hear you have an upcoming album with Trina called TNT (Trick and Tina). Is that true?

Trick: Yes, Trina and I are back at it again. She is trying to calm it down this time and get away from her “baddest bitch” image, but I told her she has to own that. She will always be known as the “baddest bitch.” So yes we have been working to put this album out.

Latoya: You’ve always been known to give back to the community. Are you still doing back to school drives for the kids of Miami?

Trick: Yes, I still give back. Trick love the kids. I’m also working on my new restaurant call TD Delicious. I want to establish a restaurant where you can go and eat country delicacies.  These are things that people aren’t doing in restaurants. We will serve things like cunt fritters and turkey bites.  We will have things like the “po man” meal where you can get a drink and a sandwich for just $3.  This restaurant will be located in South Florida. I’m excited about it.

Latoya: Sounds delicious if I must say myself. How do you manage to do all of these things?

Trick: I’m still getting checks from platinum records and songs that are in movies. You have to keep grinding. I do it for the people. It’s all about shows for these new dudes. Back then, we left the shows with more fans. My mom had 11 kids from 10 different men. So, for me I’ve always had that hustle in me.

Latoya: Who are some of your favorite rappers today?

Trick: My new favorite rapper is Tee Grizzley and the Migos.

Latoya: What direction do you see hip hop going in the next 10 years?

Trick: I’m really scared! If hip hop died, would the legacy go with it? No one is trying to secure hip hop. Everyone is doing things for their own personal reason.  Some things just don’t go together.

Stay tuned for more from Trick Daddy. Be sure to see him at the Legends of Southern Hip Hop concert at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater on July 29th. The show will be featuring Scarface, 8 Ball & MJG, Bun B, Mystikal, Juvenile, and Pastor Troy.  You don’t want to miss it!


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