Mykko Montana, I’m BACK!

I had an opportunity to sit down with Mr. “Do It” himself, Mykko Montana to talk about his upcoming music, rebranding, and recovery from a fatal shooting that left him in a wheel chair for months. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this creative soul for quite some time now, so it was really refreshing to catch up with him and discuss some of his upcoming projects. Mykko Montana is not new to the industry, dropping his hit single “Do It” in 2012 featuring K Camp that received over 6.3 million views on Youtube.  He discussed overcoming some of his most difficult moments in the music industry and severing ties with his management company.  Through it all, Mykko has remained steadfast and his passion for music and faith in God has allowed him to make a major comeback. Check out the exclusive interview and watch him share his unprecedented story, HERE!

-Latoya Heyward


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