Chef Tregaye Fraser Joins Saving Our Daughters

Food Network’s Kitchen Sink, Chef Tregaye, will introduce the Cinderellas of Saving Our Daughters to the World of Culinary Arts

As the 2017 new year started off, the Saving Our Daughters organization was highlighted on the ultimate snack-down with Michelin Star Chef Gordon Ramsay and renowned pastry chef Christina Tosi, who invited celebrities into the MASTER CHEF kitchen to show off their culinary skills.

The show featured the organizations’ ambassador Grace Gealey Byers and her husband Trai Byers from the FOX hit series Empire, who competed and won their competition for the Saving Our Daughters arts program. So it’s fitting that Saving Our Daughters will now be incorporating culinary arts for girls dealing with bullying in schools.

Starting in March, seasoned Chef, Tregaye Fraser will be introducing the world of culinary arts to the girls within the Saving Our Daughters’ Cinderellas program. Saving Our Daughters pride themselves in implementing programs inspired by their daughters Niyah and Iliss Marie Benjamin. “We are so excited for this opportunity with Chef Tregaye, on inspiring our Cinderellas within the culinary arts, to help deter bullying, which is the vital mission of our organization,” stated Curtis B., of Saving Our Daughters.

Tregaye is the CEO and Executive Chef of Chef Tregaye ~N~ Company where they offer several services such as: Personal in home chef, catering and cooking classes to name a few. She has become a Food Network fan favorite by appearing on and winning Cutthroat Kitchen, Guys Grocery Games and most recently the Winner of Season 12 “Next Food Network Star.”

Chef Tregaye is currently the new host of Food Network’s Kitchen Sink.

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